Our Georgia Personal Injury Attorney Fees

How Do Contingency Fee Agreements Work?

Personal injury attorney fees at the McArthur Law Firm are charged on a contingency basis. Our firm offers free consultations to injured individuals and families. If you would like to learn your legal rights and hear your options, call us. If our accident attorneys agree to take on the case, we offer contingency fee arrangements for personal injury clients.

Contingency fee agreements work like this: Our firm advances the costs of the case. Thus, injured clients do not need any money up front. This then ensures all people have equal access to our justice system with experienced attorneys representing them.

Once a settlement is agreed upon or a verdict is reached, the advanced court costs will be repaid from the recovery. A percentage of the recovery will be paid to our firm as attorney fees. We fully explain and review the percentages at the time our clients sign the retainer agreement.

If the case does not result in a verdict or settlement in our client’s favor, we do not charge any attorney’s fees. Furthermore, most clients cannot pay the costs back. All the risk of the lawsuit is solely on our shoulders, in most cases. Because of this, if we agree to represent you, it is because we believe your case is strong.

Do All Georgia Personal Injury Attorneys Cost the Same?

Generally, all personal injury lawyers in Macon and throughout the state charge the same contingent fee percentages for attorney’s fees. This means potential clients must fully investigate personal injury law firms before deciding to hire an attorney. Some lawyers are not litigators; they do not take cases to trial. Their method is to accept a quick settlement offer from the defendant or insurance company. They then convince the client to take the offer. This way, the lawyer does very little work, yet still takes the same percentage but on a much smaller recovery. The settlements to the clients are often low-ball offers and not in their best interests.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. If you had a case worth $5 million, would you want it settled fast for $1 million, just to get the money faster? Of course not!
  2. Does it make sense to hire an attorney to represent you in a case involving serious disabling injuries or death who is just going to settle quickly for a low-ball settlement offer? Of course not!
  3. Does it make any sense to hire a lawyer who is just after a “quick settlement” and doesn’t have a track record of high recoveries for his or her clients, particularly when his attorney’s fees are going to be the same percentage of the recovery as the fees of the best attorneys? Of course not!

Do not let a bad lawyer fool you. All personal injury attorney fees are NOT the same! Find and demand the best. It will not cost you higher fees and you will recover more money.

At the McArthur Law Firm, for the same percentage of attorney fees, our lawyers fully prepare for trial and perform thorough investigations of cases. This way, the defendants know we are serious about going to court if they do not receive a full and fair settlement. We will litigate the case in court.

Macon Personal Injury Lawyers Get You More Money

Our motto is “We get you more money because you deserve it, and we can.” Review our testimonials from past clients and look over our record-breaking verdicts and settlements. Kathy McArthur is a board-certified civil trial specialist. She holds her team of attorneys to the highest standards for negotiation, investigation and litigation of clients’ cases.

Our firm’s spokesperson is Evander Holyfield, the five-time world champion boxer and philanthropist. He knows that the personal injury attorneys at our Georgia law firm are aggressive litigators who do not back down if our clients do not get a fair and full settlement offer. We fully prepare for trial in every case. Therefore, we are ready and willing to prove our cases in court. As a result, we have a reputation as aggressive litigators. Remember, you will pay the same percentage of attorney fees as other Georgia law firms, so why not go with the ones with record-breaking verdicts and settlements?

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